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Access is required at least 2 hours before the event is due to commence so that the operations team can set up the bar fully and prepare for your guests. Ideally access the day before the event, where possible, to ensure the bar can be sited appropriately and will fully meet the needs and expectations of you and your guests.

The hire charges are based on the assumption that the site for bar and equipment instalment are flat level on firm ground with easy access for the trailer and towing vehicle.

The client may be required to provide Brothers Bar with a plan showing the position in which the bar and or equipment are to be placed or should have a representative on the site for that purpose. In the absence of both then the hire operational team will place the equipment where they feel is suitable for the purpose of the event. The Horse Box Bar requires a minimum of 6m x 5m to fully operate and a head height of 3m. Dependent on the event restrictions regarding consumption of alcohol in public areas we may require a space of 10m x 6m to enable a small area for drinking.

A 13amp power supply is required at or near to the horsebox location. If this cannot be supplied, the client will need to hire a Brothers Bar petrol generator to power the equipment.

Sufficient access is required to the venue prior to the start of the event to provide and assemble the required goods and equipment and sufficient time between the closing of the service and having to vacate the venue to enable all goods and equipment to be dismantled, removed and loaded into waiting vehicle/s.

We use a combination of vehicles; their size and number being governed by the size of the event. Vehicles are typically the size of a Ford Transit; some vehicles have an extended roofline. We must be able to manoeuvre and park these vehicles close to the venue for unloading on arrival, restocking and reloading at the end of the event. It is therefore essential that no parking restrictions apply that might prevent us from carrying out these activities and that sufficient space is available to enable us to carry out these tasks.

Hire Options

Bar hire options including ‘on you’, ‘open bar’ are subject to certain conditions. Where a token system or fully open bar has been booked we require the payment to be taken before the event starts, this would be taken via a credit or debit card. All payments are refunded at the end of the event unless to be used as part payment.



It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase or consume alcohol at the event. We would suggest that anyone who looks or could be thought to be under the age of Twenty Five (25) brings photographic ID/proof of age with them or we will not be able to serve them. We will refuse to serve anyone at the event that is or appears to be excessively drunk or uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards staff, customers or other guests. We will also refuse to serve anyone who purchases or attempts to purchase alcohol for someone under the age of 18 or someone who has previously been refused alcohol by the bar staff. The decision on such matters will be taken by the bar staff or team manager and will be final. The bar staff also reserve the right to close the bar at any time if in their opinion unruly or troublesome behaviour has arisen or is likely to arise within the venue.

Brothers Bar will be the sole provider of all beverages at the event unless previously agreed in writing. It will not be permitted for anyone to consume their own drinks at the event, if this does occur, we have the right to charge the minimum bar spend for the event.

Bar opening times are subject to conditions and approval by the relevant authorities.

Brothers Bar will provide a personal license holder and / or a Designated Premised Supervisor and fully trained bar staff as required by legislation during your event. The number of staff required will depend on the numbers of guests at your event and specialist skills e.g. Cocktail Specialist. When providing a bar at any 18th birthday party we require a parent/guardian to license the event in their name.

If no premises alcohol license is available for the venue we will on your behalf obtain an occasional alcohol license or “Temporary Event Notice” (TEN)through the local council. Subject to there being no reason for the license to be refused by the Licensing Board. Bar opening times will be subject to approval by the relevant authorities and any restrictions placed upon the event strictly adhered to. At least 28 days in advance of any event is required to ensure the application is made within the relevant Licensing Boards timescales. The license processing fee is included in the booking deposit.

If there is agreement made to provide your own arrival drinks/ table wine, this MUST be cleared away by no later than 30 minutes before the Brothers Bar agreed bar opening time. Should this not be done the bar team will still require the minimum bar spend.



We have a minimum spend amount dependent on the type of event and the number of guests attending. Typically, this is set between £850 – £1000 for each event. The minimum spend allowance cannot be used in conjunction with additional charges. The minimum spend amount must be met at the end of the event, if this is not achieved the client is responsible for paying the difference between the final sales total and the minimum spend figure should there be a shortfall prior to leaving the venue. Cash or Card only.



The client will need to pay the full charge of the deposit amount to confirm the event within 14days of receipt of the quote. Once the deposit has been paid the client will receive email to the confirmation of the event. Brothers Bar require 3 weeks’ notice prior to the event for any changes in final number attendance.


Cancellation Charges

In the unfortunate event of a booking having to be cancelled, confirmation in writing will be needed by the Client. Your deposit will be retained, and the following charges will be incurred.

  1. Cancellation received with less than three months’ notice prior to the event – 25% of the total event cost.
  2. Cancellation received with less than two months’ notice prior to the event – 50% of the total event cost.
  3. Cancellation received less than one month prior to the event – 100% of the total event cost.

The total event cost will be based on the agreed quote price and the number of confirmed guests attending at the agreed price in the quote. Should guest numbers be unconfirmed at the time of cancellation the total event cost will be based the originally quoted/estimated guests numbers.

Any additional costs incurred by Brothers Bar in preparation of the event up until the time of cancellation will be charged to the Client. This is to cover any losses caused to Brothers Bar for TENs application, administration costs, travel, supplies etc. and will be discussed fully in the event of cancellation.

Booking fee is non-refundable for cancelled events.



All equipment and staffing are subject to availability at time of booking and are only hired in conjunction with a beverage or bar hire order. Breakages and damage to the equipment will be charged for at market cost and invoiced after the event. Staff are not allowed off the premises for the duration of the event and are hired for the specific job functions only.

Staff are charged from arrival time to departure time, including the duration of all setup and pack-up, to be determined at the discretion of the operations team. If staff are needed for longer than the pre-arranged time, the team manager should be informed by the client immediately in order to guarantee that staff are not booked for later events. Additional staffing fees will then be invoiced after the event.



Booking fee of £99 will be payable upon securing your date. Brothers Bar will not make any other reservations for that date and time, we use the fee to secure licences and goes towards the time taken to plan for your event, hire fee is refundable once we achieve £1000, minus any deductibles such as licence fee’s or generator hire etc.

Invoice payments can be made by cash of bank transfer.



Brothers Bar is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. For any personal data you provide for the purposes of your booking, Brothers Bar is the Data Controller and is responsible for storing and otherwise processing that data in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way.

You may give us information by filling in our forms, completing a booking request form or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise.  The information you give us includes your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, event details, date and location, guest numbers and bar requirements.

The reason we need your data is to be able to administer your booking and provide the services you are signing up to when you book our services.  Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is that we have a contractual obligation to you as a client to provide the services you are booking us for.

The reasons we need to process your data include processing of booking forms and payments, liaising directly with venues, caterers and suppliers about your booking, for the purposes of attaining Temporary Events Notices, pre-order table drinks services, marketing and communications (where separate consent is provided)

You may have in the past consented to receiving information about our products and services by email. If you wish this to continue you do not have to do anything. If you would prefer not to receive such communication in the future, you can contact us in writing to remove your email address from our contacts list.

Brothers Bar will hold your personal data on file for as long as you are a client with us.  Returning client data is updated every year on booking request forms.  Any personal data we hold on you will be securely destroyed after four years of inactivity on your client account. Your data is not processed for any further purposes other than those detailed in your booking.

As a data subject you may have the right at any time to request access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data, including direct marketing; to the portability of your personal data and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data.

Brothers Bar has the following social media pages Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Anyone is free to join these pages.  If you join one of the Social Media pages, please note that provider of the social media platform(s) have their own privacy policies and that Brothers Bar do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.  Please check these policies before you submit any personal data on our social media pages. Brothers Bar may wish to publish professional images and information regarding your event on social media platforms and the Brothers Bar website for marketing and potential client engagement. If you do not wish to participate in this action you can opt-out on the event booking form.



Brothers Bar has full Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.



Glassware is available for hire

Subject to type of glass, quantities and availability at time of the event and client choice. For most events the inclusion of disposable plastic glasses is included in the package.

  • Cancellation of order more than 14 days prior to hire – No charge
  • Cancellation of order 14 days prior to hire – 50% payable
  • Cancellation of order 7 days from hire – 75% payable
  • Cancellation of order less than 7 days from hire – 100% payable

Damage or loss of glassware

Breakage/ damage/ loss to be paid for by the hirer, which the company reserve the right to the hirer

Once hire items have been returned, the company will inform the hirer of any unreturned/ damage items.

Any breakage/ damage to hire items will be charged at the full replacement cost at £1 per glass



Disposable glassware, napkins, ice, chilling, storage and dispersing and recycling of all empty bottles will be provided by Brothers Bar.

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